About Us

“I hope my practice can be a blessing to the community”

The best primary care comes from competent doctors in the heartlands who care for generations of patients and build long-term relationships with them.


As Singapore’s population ages, more patients will have overlapping medical conditions.
Singapore needs doctors who can manage a wide variety of conditions proficiently and advise patients on when they are required to seek out a specialist.

Having trained and gathered qualifications in multiple specialities, we are a ONE STOP community clinic that deals with everything from complex chronic illnesses to minor surgical procedures and emergencies.

Equipped with the latest medical devices, the clinic is able to do many things in house such as diabetic retinal photography, glaucoma screening, diabetic foot screening, lung function tests, and shockwave therapy for musculoskeletal conditions.

Above all, our emphasis is on the community – we seek to look after generations of patients and build a strong healthy society.